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The problem

Misconfigured clouds

Data suggests that up to 98.6% of organizations have misconfigured their cloud environments, which leads to high costs, slower processing times, and increased security risks.

Why are so many clouds misconfigured? Because setting up and maintaining a secure and controlled environment in a public cloud is complex.

It involves making many design choices and configuring multiple subscriptions, services, security controls, policies and governance parameters. As a result, it takes a lot of time and requires a deep understanding of cloud services and security – something few people have.

The Volo platform solves this problem by automating the setup and maintenance of cloud landing zones.

The impact of misconfirgured clouds

High costs

Lack of visibility and standardization results in higher costs due to redundant efforts and increased demands for time and resources.

Resource demands

Deep knowledge of cloud services and many experts are required to maintain secure, compliant, and cost-effective cloud applications.

Security risks

Cloud misconfiguration is by far the biggest threat to security in the cloud, according to NSA.

The solution

Automated cloud configuration

The Volo platform enables the swift and accurate setup and maintenance of well-configured, up-to-date cloud landing zones, in any cloud, within minutes, by automating the process.

Volo tackles the issue of cloud misconfiguration at its core and provides the appropriate controls to ensure secure, easy-to-operate, scalable, and cost-effective applications and environments.

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The Volo advantage

Without Volo

  • New cloud infrastructure team required
  • Weeks or months to deploy
  • Expensive
  • Ad-hoc and specific
  • Out of date, to be maintained
  • Deep understanding of cloud providers' services required
  • Risk of misconfiguration

With Volo

  • Free up 90% of cloud engineering FTEs
  • Minutes to deploy
  • Cost effective
  • Multi-cloud and standardized
  • Evergreen and maintained (no drift)
  • No need for a deep understanding of the cloud
  • Configured to best practice and leveraging real-life experience

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How it works

Cloud landing zones with Volo

The landing zones provided by Volo are standardized and consistent, while tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Volo is built on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Terraform, a widely used IaC tool.

It is accessible to customers as a Terraform Provider plugin that allows easy interaction with the Volo platform.

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