Our mission is to empower organizations to innovate and succeed

by taking full advantage of all the benefits the cloud offers.

Created by cloud experts

Volo was created and continues to be led by a team of cloud, DevOps and Digital Transformation experts.

As former CIOs, CTOs, Heads Of Architecture, VPs of Cloud and related roles, we have been at the forefront of cloud technology for many years and have personally experienced the challenges that Volo now solves.

We believe in the incredible power of the cloud and the many benefits and opportunities it offers modern organizations.

However, we have also experienced the detrimental effects of misconfigured cloud environments and the high cost, human resource requirements and security risks that are often a result.

We created Volo to help organizations overcome the challenges of the cloud to be empowered to fully leverage the benefits and opportunities it presents.

We're cloud experts

As former CIOs, CTOs, Heads Of Architecture, VPs of Cloud and related roles, we have been at the forefront of cloud technology for many years.

We're innovators

We're developing innovative solutions to make the cloud simpler, safer, more efficient and more powerful.

We're partners

We consider our customers partners. We work closely with them to solve the most relevant challenges and ensure Volo delivers results.

Recognized globally for innovation in cloud technology

Our founders

Volo was founded – and continues to be led – by two Cloud, DevOps and Digital Transformation experts.

Raffaella del Prete

Raffaella Del Prete

CEO and Co-Founder

Raffaella is a highly strategic and result-oriented IT and Digital Executive with extensive experience delivering enterprise-wide agile and digital transformations whilst developing and leading high-performing and engaged teams.

Before founding Volo, Raffaella has held senior roles with large corporates, including AIA, One NZ (Vodafone), Kiwibank, Fonterra, Tesco and more.

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Liviu Elama

CTO and Co-Founder

Liviu is a highly experienced cloud and IT architecture expert with extensive experience migrating to the cloud and delivering and operating best-practice cloud landing zones.

Before founding Volo, Liviu has held senior cloud and architect roles with some of New Zealand's largest corporates, including One NZ (Vodafone), Kiwibank, Vero Insurance and more.

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